Posted by: أحمد باعبود | يونيو 24, 2005

Just Starting

It is me here .. along with others who try to share their own thoughts with the rest of you.. the world!
I thought of blogging for a while.. but since I konw that I am a lazy guy .. I hesitated… I hope I will be regular in updating my blog.. Otherwise, I guess it will die !

I am from Saudi Arabia .. waiting for my first baby .. my little princesses ! 🙂
if you have any suggestion for an Arabic name, please do.

I’ll write more soon ..

btw.. this blog will be a mix of Arabic and English .. whatever I feel better expressing ME!.




  1. Try the name Farah. It’s adorable! You can call her Fair if you’re westernized, call her Farooha if you prefer to be yourself, call her Joy if you think you’re a catchy translator, Felicita if you dream of marrying her off to some hot Italian, Gluck, if he’s German, Bonhuer, if he’s French,Kushi if he’s some dreamy bollywoodian, (this could go on forever) sigh..I just love my name!

  2. Hell yes Farah.. u just adore your name.. and I can agree with you .. it is a nice one.. specially when it is in Italian .. coz i got an old friend who’s name is Feliecia.. and I call her Feli.. Folah..

    Anyways.. got to consult with the boss.. i mean .. my wife !

  3. My sister is having a baby and wants to call her 3noud she also has kids Amira and Jowhara they are all nice names she said if its boy shel call him muhammad yusef but i like the name nawaf its nice

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  5. inshalla 🙂

  6. JHibbalicious..
    I am personally more into calling her Fai, Fara7 or Lena!
    My wife has her own thoughts.. we still have about 6 weeks to decide..
    For sure.. her first pic after coming to this world, inshallah, will be posted here for the world to see :)–>

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