Posted by: أحمد باعبود | يونيو 26, 2005

Shall We Dance?

Once again into movies…
I just watched the movie “Shall we dance?” … with my wife .. here in Aramco’s theater.. it was my first time there since the renovation of the theater.. it looked much better yet.. the sound was awful.. the movie was nice .. the thing I really got from it is the Question..
Ahmed.. what is the thing you really really wanna do .. yet you never did!
Something you feel you want to do with all of your heart !

Personally.. umm.. just worried if I start writing the things I wanna do .. I won’t stop !:P

Seriously.. the two things I feel I want to do most ..
is to learn playing guitar ! .. I once tried.. I found it very difficult .. I stopped!
I still wanna do it.. I still have the two guitars in the closet ..

The second other thing I always felt I wanna do .. let me say since I graduated from university .. is to get a master’s degree.. I started studying in KFUPM.. found it not practical .. was so theoretical and not worth the effort.. so I stopped after completing 3 courses.. Then on 2001 I was accepted to do my master’s in Industrial Engineering in a university in Colorado, USA .. Yet, I changed my mind in the very last moment!

However, I am done so far with 7 out of 18 courses in the part time MBA in Bahrain-DePaul University program. I might give more details about this part of my life!.



  1. hi….abo jouri
    I like such smart questions.they push us to accomplish our ambitions.hopefully you find your dreams come true….

  2. Hi Sofi,

    I am done with my MBA!…. so one small dream is over! .. looking for more dreams to think of .. and accomplish 🙂

    Wish you good luck too

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