Posted by: أحمد باعبود | يوليو 30, 2005

A difficult day !

I am sure you felt the same before ..
I was in the edge for the whole day ..
I could not go to work ..
I stayed between the bed and couch all day long ..
I don’t think I’ll get over this soon ..
I’ll need time to recover from what I went through !
The moments which take you down .. and do not stop!
It takes you to the deepest moments of pain and being helpless !

Why is all of that?
It is the old story ..
the love that you never got !
The feelings the overwellms you ..
The loss you identify within ..

I lost my battel a while ago ..
However .. I am still living there..
In the battel .. before it .. but couldn’t pass to after the battel era !

Sometimes.. I feel like I really do not want to get over it..
I want to be there.. and enjoy it ..

I might be wrong ..
But I am still there..
Deeply .. madly .. in LOVE!


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