Posted by: أحمد باعبود | سبتمبر 5, 2005

Terrorists Close to Home!

I disappeared for a while .. many things were happening in the same time .. including a trip to Toronto .. which I hope I will write about sometime .. but I got to admit I won’t be a regular Bolger .. not in the seen window of time!

Anyways … what brought me back to write more here .. is the fact of what is going on about 10 kms away from where I live!

Yeah .. for more than 24 hours!!!.. the police forces with other special forces are targeting a house in which unidentified number of terrorist are using .. it seems that they have a huge amount of weapons with them .. to be able to fight for more than 24 hours.. till this moment no clear picture about the total number of people inside that house .. the sort of difference this time is that they are using a house in kind of a rich area .. close to the Cornish of the city of Dammam… coz those people used to try to hide in more populated places .. Is this is a change in tactics or they were not really planning to do their operations in the city of Dammam but actually targeting the city of Dhahran, where I personally live!!, where Saudi Aramco – the national oil company and biggest oil producer in the world- has its headquarter!.. and has a highway connecting directly to the same area where the building is actually located!.
or the target is actually the city of Jubail where many of SABIC plants are!.

Whatever the target is.. regardless of how many people are in that building !!!
24 HOURS .. is just TOO long to accept !!
I just hope that the police forces will able to capture all of them .. and no one will be able to escape as happened in previous incidents!!

Yet.. this is not really the real issue !
The real issue is what did the government do to really face the root causes of this problem !
What did the government do to really involve people in facing this problem .. to make them feel that those people are not only targeting the “government” but also the well being of each person living in this country !!!

We might be a bit lucky that this is happening in the same time where the media is still so busy with Katrina’s hurricane and its consequences .. either in human side of political arena as well!. Otherwise, I guess it will be a big circus show in many of the international media covering this issue!.

I hope I’ll be able to write more…. about this same issue or others !



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  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Finally I found a blog, someone who is has a KSA nationality.

    Talking about terrorist, hmm I agree with the main question of the ‘root cause’ of why these people start shooting and killing other people.

    They says that they fight for Islam but killing innocent people, children and women is “haram” in Islam.

    I’m a muslim in a country like Malaysia..being treated like a suspect in airport like Kansai is ‘very annoying’ experience for any muslims like us.

    But sometimes, I don’t blame them.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  3. w aleikum el salaam

    for sure i don’t blame them much .. but sometimes they just go too far into genrelizing the negative picture about us muslims .. and more about us Saudis!

    We.. Muslims.. are going through a real transformation period.. I hope it ends up into more good fruit for our nation .. coz otherwise.. we just gonna be worse and worse!

    I been to your country a year ago .. and it was amazing.. not the nature of it .. but also the people and the peace different races and religons experiance there.

    Thanx for being around .. and come back 🙂

  4. by the way Paksu27.. if u r interested in visiting more Saudi blogs .. get to this link .. and i hope u enjoy it ! 🙂–>

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