Posted by: أحمد باعبود | فبراير 5, 2006

Can U be Dumber?

Who do I mean?
Well.. I am talking about all those people who went to the extreme trying to voice out their opinion about a dumb that did insult the feelings of most Muslims.

Boycotting Danish products, I believe, was a very civil choice of many Muslims. I do agree with it even though that I understand that neither the Danish government nor the Danish people are responsible about what the newspaper published… so why do we try to harm them?!. Well .. I still will accept boycotting.. it is one of the ways to express our anger and disapproval of those cartoons. Given all that.. cannot we think of something more positive .. something that will change the very negative perception about Muslims and Islam in the minds of the West?. Some bloggers did have some positive thoughts

Yet… Today and yesterday some dump actions took place .. trying to express anger .. which is a negative feeling which our Prophet did warn us against and even gave us some ways to get around it .. BUT .. NO!!
We love the Prophet.. We burn flags and even embassies claiming that we love the Prophet !!
Does that sound like contradiction ?!?!

When we expect others to respect us .. our highly respected figures.. we shall do the same .. we shall respect them and respect the things that are important to them!… Actually, even if they do not show respect to us or to our religion .. we shall do what we think is right .. and not be in the reaction mode ALL the time!!!.

And where did those stupid actions happen?
Syria !!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t they have enough problems with the world? .. It happened in Syria where the police and secret intelligence know what people are thinking about .. not only what they are doing!!

or it is one of the ways Bathiest government in Syria is using to keep its own citizens away from talking or thinking about internal politics? ..
It seems for me that everyone government in the Arab world is trying to use this incident in its own favor not to defend the Prophet ..



  1. و انا أوافقك بأن ما حصل خطأ، و لكنها أخطأ فردية و رأيت في التلفزيون شيخ و هو يحاول اقناع الناس بالتوقف عن الاعتداء.

    أسأل الله أن يرينا الحق حقا و أن يرزقنا اتباعه و الباطل باطلا و ن يرزقنا اجتنابه

    PS. It’s Dumber not Dumper …

  2. Thanx for correcting my dump mistake 😉

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    All this time, I thought that I was the semi-kafir ass when I totally felt stupid for the folks who are against Denmark (the whole country) and couldn’t find Danish products in Danube recently.

  4. Adjacent,

    Each person will have his/ her own explination of why they support boycoytting.. which is their entailment but others who choose not to .. are free to do so!

  5. I got to this site from Global voices…

    As a non-Muslim, I think this whole issue of the cartoons is great!. It serves to illustrate the problems that exist between the West and Islam.

    I want you folks to know that I too am offended. The boycotts don’t bother me, but I am deeply offended by the threats and hate I see in the streets as Muslims protest. I am offended by the fact that for you to feel good about your religion, you must deny me the right to say or even think what I believe. Most of all, I am offended by hate in the Quran towards non-Muslims and the many vile things that Mohammed did to infidels. Yes, read your own histories. So, you are offended? Well so am I.

    John A.

    actions your,I am offende that people go out

  6. John,

    I agree with you regarding how much hate some people showed while demonstrating against the cartoons!. I am still surprised by the rage this problem is creating. I hope you still realize that when you have none-democratic governments, those governments focus on such problem trying to keep people away from thinking about their real day-to-day issues.
    I personally wonder when some Muslims will understand that loving our religion doesn’t mean the idea of hating the rest of the world.

    As far as hate in Quran, I don’t agree. Yet, you are entitled to you beliefs and thoughts.
    However, I wish you don’t do the same exact mistake many of the extreme Muslims do when they use Quran as their excuse for killing innocent people, Muslims and non-Muslims.
    When you read Quran, you really got to know what is the story behind the portions you are reading. In many occasions, the Quran is talking about some specific issue that cannot be generalized .. just like that.

    Prophet Mohamed .. for those who know his history .. is a person who was kind and forgiving .. even towards those who were against him all the time.

    U may check this site .. it has more info about the Prophet .. and I really hope you find it useful.

    Thanx for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and feelings.–>

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