Posted by: أحمد باعبود | يناير 13, 2009

What do you expect?

With all what is going on in Gaza, it is difficult to find words or even think. I just wonder what would Israelis supporting the massacre in Gaza expect to happen in the future? Do they expect “real” peace? How would you expect peace when you support mass killing and the use of internationally banned weapons? It is not the first massacre and I doubt it will be the last. The mentality in Israel and of its supporters cannot comprehend the fact that Palestinians, after all of these years of oppression and mass killing, still dream of their independent national state. It is even a wonder to me, how can Palestinians be so stubborn and keep their dream for generations. The best fuel for the Palestinian dream of the independent state is the Israelis crimes. As such, Palestinians cannot think of a better response than holding on their dream. It gives them a reason to fight and keep going. It might seem that it will keep being only a dream for eternity. Some dreams come true someday. I believe the Palestinian dream will be true someday.


As a Saudi, I dream of the day when Saudis will have a stronger role in managing our own country resources and have a say over corruption and maybe someday have our elected representatives in the Saudi Parliament. However, when I see the Western governments support the alienation of a democratically elected government lead by Hamas, I start questioning the value of democracy and the real intentions of preaching “the people participation in government decisions”. It is funny to hear someone saying that Palestinians selected Hamas so they should pay the price for such bad decision. The same could be said about electing George W. Bush, so Americans have to pay a much higher and expensive price than Palestinians. Regardless of all the politics rubbish, what does that has to do with the siege on Gaza for so many months!. So if you elect a bad governor, you should not eat nor have electricity. The world today is suffering from a very bad economical crisis caused by greed and bad decisions of leaders in major financial institutes, should the employees as well as those in charge of such institutes suffer? In fact governments around the world are engaged in huge plans to save these institutes which caused the problem itself. Why? Because of the impact on the world economy. Let go of all the basics of Capitalism and let us save the economy. Cannot Western government think of the situation in Gaza similarly? Think of the amount of anger, hate, and frustration around the world and before all the tremendous loss of human life the Israeli massacre causing.


The excuse of self defense used by Israel for its current crime in Gaza is just a manipulation around what Israel kept doing since its creation. Israel repeatedly killed Palestinians and Lebanese (remember the 2006 war) for a reason or for no reason!. Israel cannot stop reminding its surrounding that it is more powerful and that it cannot co-exist with others who do not accept the Israeli demands and needs. The PLO ex-leader Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo agreement with Israel. However, I still remember the siege and humiliation Mr. Arafat faced in his last days, Why?! The Palestinian Authority lead today by Mr. Abbas was trying to get to into the final peace agreements with Israel. Mr. Abbas got nothing in his hands to offer to his people. Actually, the Palestinians in the West Bank suffer from Israeli aggressions and do not forget the segregation wall there.


I always thought that economical, social and political changes in the area could bring up new Arab generations who are less hostile to the concept of Israel and who has less support to the Palestinians. What is going on in Gaza today is creating very intimidated crowds of young generations. Do not expect a free ride to Gaza. Everything has its own price. In such a case, the price could be carried on for many generations to come.




  1. may anyone with a heart read this and understand it ..

    i also .. dare to dream ..

    i do ..

  2. I can’t agree more, Israelis are creating new generation of extremists living in its neighborhood!

    But what is (mascara ) ? I think you meant massacre

    Thank you

  3. Bandar,
    I hope and I dream .. as you said, I dare to dream!

    At first, thank you very much for yoru correction of the word massacre. I corrected it and changed the font of the post as well.

    I honestly how can Israelis expect peace with so much of aggression towards Palestinians. It just does not make any sense.

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